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The Personal Training Package
The Personal Training Package
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On day one, we will sit down with you to discuss your goals. Weight loss, toning up, fat loss, building lean muscle etc. We will then take full body measurements, body fat analysis and fitness tests. Depending on your goals, we can give you weekly training plans as well as weekly, easy to follow nutrition plans.

We will not give you strict/fad diets to follow as we don’t agree with them and most people don’t stick to them anyway. We will give you an easy to follow healthy nutrition plan with 2-3 options for each meal, as well as 2-3 options to snack on between meals or late at night. Yes late at night!

We know most people will tell you not to eat after 6pm/7pm but it depends on the individuals goals and there daily routine.

  • Weekly check in to keep you on track with your training goals
  • Video/ voice note feedback via WhatsApp / Viber or Facebook messenger
  • Train at a time that suits you
  • More affordable for both short and long term commitment
  • Be more energetic, healthier and happier
  • Development of habits that become a lifestyle change for life
  • 6 week custom diet plan
  • 6 week custom nutrition plan

Personal trainers aren't just there to guide their clients through a workout. A successful personal trainer knows that what his clients eat is as important as their training regimen. The right diet plans for your clients depend on their individual goals. Having the right mix of calories and macros from whole foods is most important; making it a diet plan your client will actually want to stick to is also key.

The training program is also another way to accelerate you towards your goals! Specifically designed for you we include the following:

  • Training program tailored to your goals, body, and lifestyle- Fat loss plans, Weight gain plans, build muscle plans, Wedding prep & event plans, Sport specific plans.

  • Weekly progress assessments to make adjustments as required to prevent plateaus

  • Comprehensive Information Package that includes tips, educational content and instructions

All conducted online and available anywhere in the world! For more information please contact us today!


Commercial Grade Adjustable Bench
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HomeWorkout.ie is proud to present our brand new deluxe 5 position adjustable weight bench. Offering incline, decline and flat backrest positioning you can carry out a wide variety of exercises and hit multiple angles when training. Regardless of your size, training preferences, or available training space, this deluxe weight bench will facilitate your needs.

  • Flat / Incline / Decline Utility Bench.

  • Strong durable upholstery.

  • Easy move pin selector for multi-workout positions.

  • Compact and easily storable.

  • Ensures correct posture during training.

  • Removable rubber feet for added stability and support.

  • Leg supports can be used for a variety of abdominal exercises such as sit-ups.

  • Extra wide rear feet for stability and grip.




Weight: 16kg

Maximum Bearing: 300kg

Did You Know?

MyHomeWorkout is a proud vegan brand. This means that our buying department will never purchase any products that involve the unethical treatment of animals such as leather. This also means that our team of nutritionists will never design any nutritional program that includes meat, dairy and eggs etc. All of our recipes are 100% plant based and our personal trainers will never recommend supplements that have an involvement with the animal supply chain.

The MyHomeWorkout Total Performance Package
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It’s finally here! Our expert trainers at MyHomeWorkout have created a modern and dynamic twist to traditional personal training. Our all inclusive Total Performance Package seeks to push determined individuals to reaching their maximum potential through a combination of strength training, mobility training, and tailored nutrition. 

When you train with MyHomeWorkout, you become part of a collective of passionate people who are experts in their craft. See how our experience, expertise, vision and practices have made us a trusted leader in transforming the health and wellness of others.

Designed With You In Mind

Our trainers and design teams never settle for good enough. Every day, we set out to challenge norms and create the next bigger and better. We are always looking to evolve and grow with our community by working closely with you, to create high-quality products and training programs that will help bring your vision to life.

Yours to Configure

No two individuals are the same. At MyHomeWorkout we design our programs to be configured in ways that best suit your unique needs. We start with a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your vision and finish by producing your ideal program for you to truly make them your own.


This Package Includes:

-The MyHomeWorkout 50KG Iron Barbell and Dumbbell Set 

-Commercial Grade Adjustable Bench 

-Non Toxic Yoga Mat

-Latex Resistance Bands

-Mobility Roller

-Complimentary Strategy Video Consultation With Your Trainer

-Custom Made 6 Week Workout Plan To Accelerate Your Performance

-Tailor Made 6 Week Nutrition Plan Based On Your Trainers Report

-Dedicated support

Advice From Our Trainers

It all begins with a moral choice to question where and how has food arrived on your plate. Contact us today if you have any questions about kick starting your vegan lifestyle and one of our specialists will be in touch with free advice and support!
One overarching factor dictates how our lives turn out to a significant degree. Though we may not think about it often or discount its importance, it is there and slowly shapes our lives. Having the right tactics, being genetically-gifted, and having a mentor are important factors for fitness success.
Going through a pregnancy is one of the most fruitful and fulfilling experiences you can have. Knowing that a new life grows and develops, and it’s your job to protect and nurture it,is something you can’t quite put into words. But pregnancy can also be a rollercoaster.
The Classic Squat Rack
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The Power Rack designed by MyHomeWorkout is the ideal product for any home gym. Like all of our products, the MyHomeWorkout squat rack is easily assembled for your convenience by our expert team. By using this rack, you can unlock an extensive range of isolation and compound resistance exercises to power towards your goals.

Please Note: Only 7ft Olympic Bars Can Be Used With All Power Racks.


  • Strong and durable frame.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Comes with Narrow and Wide grip pull up bar options.
  • Comes with adjustable safety bars and two adjustable bar catches.
  • Built with biomechanics, ergonomics, durability, and safety in mind to help individuals achieve their goals.
  • The pull up bar come equipped with rubber grips to improve performance and grip.
  • Multiple holes are provided to ensure the spotter catchers and and safety bars can be set at a variety of heights to suit the individual.


2 cartons packing:
carton 1:208*30*12cm,GW 37kg
carton 2:114*43*17cm,GW25kg


I started working on my new self in August 2020 and safe to say MyHomeWorkout and their staff have been there for me from the start. From their excellent product range to the most empathetic staff, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Special thank you to Kyle who has been the dedicated trainer throughout my journey!


MyHomeWorkout have really transformed the concept of training at home. The level of detail included in my workout plan was fantastic. However what stood out to me was the fact that I had any question at anytime I would be accommodated which is very important to for me.


The levels that this brand goes to fulfill their customer needs is unbelievable. Although the company is based in Dublin and I am in County Kerry, one of the staff members personally drove to my address and delivered my equipment on the same day as my son’s birthday. Thank you Stuart!


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