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Our foundations of quality and transparency mean that our brand is your brand! Learn more about what makes MyHomeWorkout one of Ireland‘s newest and most innovative sporting brands

Hex Dumbbell Rack and Fully Adjustable Incline and Decline Bench press
Regular price €1.299,00 Sale price €799,99
Brand New Premium Iron Kettlebells
Regular price €14,99

The MyHomeWorkout Premium Iron Kettlebell is ideally used in the traditional manner for freeweight exercises. This kettlebell will really help you get into the swing of things. Kettlebells are ideal for strengthening and toning your muscles and improving your endurance too. You can also boost your cardio stamina and promote healthy weight loss with set routines including our Iron Kettlebells

Did You Know?

MyHomeWorkout is a proud vegan brand. This means that our buying department will never purchase any products that involve the unethical treatment of animals such as leather. This also means that our team of nutritionists will never design any nutritional program that includes meat, dairy and eggs etc. All of our recipes are 100% plant based and our personal trainers will never recommend supplements that have an involvement with the animal supply chain.

30KG Dumbbell Set
Regular price €159,99 Sale price €59,99

The ultimate MyHomeWorkout classic! The 30KG Dumbbell Set is one of the simplest yet most effective pieces of gym equipment that can be owned. This dumbbell set is incredibly useful for all health and wellness goals and greatly compliments bodybuilding goals. Like the rest of the MyHomeWorkout Range, this product is suitable for all levels and is made from materials of unrivalled quality.


  • Two Adjustable Dumbbell bars

  • Eight x 2.5KG Weight Plates

  • Four x 0.1.25KG Weight Plates

  • Four x 0.5KG Weight Plates
  • Hard Shell Carrier Box with wheels for easy transport.

Advice From Our Trainers

It all begins with a moral choice to question where and how has food arrived on your plate. Contact us today if you have any questions about kick starting your vegan lifestyle and one of our specialists will be in touch with free advice and support!
One overarching factor dictates how our lives turn out to a significant degree. Though we may not think about it often or discount its importance, it is there and slowly shapes our lives. Having the right tactics, being genetically-gifted, and having a mentor are important factors for fitness success.
Going through a pregnancy is one of the most fruitful and fulfilling experiences you can have. Knowing that a new life grows and develops, and it’s your job to protect and nurture it,is something you can’t quite put into words. But pregnancy can also be a rollercoaster.
The Classic Squat Rack
Regular price €559,99 Sale price €459,99


I started working on my new self in August 2020 and safe to say MyHomeWorkout and their staff have been there for me from the start. From their excellent product range to the most empathetic staff, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Special thank you to Kyle who has been the dedicated trainer throughout my journey!


Lads thanks a million🙌 We have all the gear unpacked and set up, we're delighted with it, couldn't be happier with your service from start to finish, 2 real nice lads delivering too, great stuff we'll done🙌


The levels that this brand goes to fulfill their customer needs is unbelievable. Although the company is based in Dublin and I am in County Kerry, one of the staff members personally drove to my address and delivered my equipment on the same day as my son’s birthday. Thank you Stuart!


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