How We Feel About Home Workouts!

How We Feel About Home Workouts!

For the longest time, people have always tended to look down at the idea of home workouts. The most common argument against home training is that people don’t have the necessary equipment or guidance to achieve their health and wellness goals. One of the most common arguments against home training is that it’s difficult for people to get motivated to work out at home.

At we’re here to show you that In fact, home training can be incredible. To that end, we’ve put together a list of five fantastic benefits of at-home training. Let’s see what they are.

 1. It’s Incredibly Convenient

 Picture this:

You want to grab a workout, but you have to prepare your equipment, get dressed, commute, and do five other things before your hands touch the equipment. For many, this friction of getting started with a workout is reason enough to skip it altogether and wait for motivation to strike.

Home workouts comes with none of those things. The friction of getting started is virtually non existent, and working out is incredibly convenient. You don’t have to commute or worry about the gym’s work hours.

All you have to do is clear some space, put on some comfortable clothes, prepare your equipment and start warming up using your own custom made detailed workout plan.

This convenience means that you can go from lying on your couch to achieving your fitness goals in minutes. You can also have multiple smaller workouts during the day if that’s what you prefer. 

Unlike gym training, you don’t have to wait around for equipment to free up or force yourself to work out with multiple people on the same machine . Use your own equipment to train on your own time in the comfort of your own home!

To make home training even more convenient, you can designate some space for your workouts and put your easily stored fitness equipment nearby. Then, as you wake up in the morning or get back home after work, you have a visual cue that you should initiate a workout.

All of this results in a seamless start of each workout, which can help you stay more consistent, make working out a habit, and achieve better results in the long run.


2. It’s Fun And Much More Relaxed

Training at the gym can be fun and relaxing, but it can also be awkward, frustrating, and downright scary.

Home training is a lot more fun and relaxed. You don’t have to go through awkward conversations in the locker room, at the water fountain, or the reception and you don’t have to feel anxious about trying new activities or second guess yourself in front of others.

Besides that, the best part about a home workout is that you can do whatever you want - your house, your rules. Blare your own music out loud, listen to your favourite podcast, use your fridge for a mid training snack. Why not train in the comfort of your own home with the guidance of our professional personal trainers?


3. Its Just As Effective As Traditional Gym Training

One of the most common arguments against home training is that it’s too easy. Many people with a couple of years in the gym consider home training easy because they can do a set of twenty push-ups.

This is not a valid argument. Our workouts need to be challenging, and we can’t do endless repetitions and hope to spark new growth and development. But, here is the thing:

Home training is anything but easy. Our custom workout plans are derived from thousands of activities and variations designed to push our clients to their limits. Our team of certified personal trainers will use their many years of collective experience to design a tailor made workout plan just for you and you can always adjust the difficulty based on your fitness level and progress. 


4. It’s Much Safer And You Don’t Have to Worry About Guidelines

Before the covid-19 pandemic, most of us paid little attention to the safety aspect of working out. But these days, safety seems to be priority number one, and rightfully so.

The great news is, working out at home is one of the best ways to keep ourselves from harm’s way. For one, we don’t have to worry about wearing a mask, which, let’s face it, is incredibly frustrating when working out and trying to inhale as much air as we can. In many cases, the mask limits our performance and worsens the quality of our workouts.

Second, we don’t have to worry about who might have touched the equipment you want to use. Any gym equipment you use is yours, and you know exactly who might have been using it.


5. It Saves Two Precious Assets

An overlooked benefit of home training is that it saves you two of the most precious assets: time and money.

For one, you don’t have to worry about commute - your home gym is right there, a few steps from where you live. You also don’t have to wait to use equipment, pick what to wear to the gym, and such.

Plus, you don’t have costs related to the gym: maintaining a membership (and sometimes maintenance fees), buying overpriced protein shakes at the bar, commuting and incredibly overpriced personal trainer services. 

It might not seem like much at first glance, but these costs add up. Even if you only have to spend €30-€50 per month on a membership, €50-€60 on personal trainer services along with custom made workout plans and advanced diet plans. This can add up to over €1,000 each year. 


Still have doubts? Contact our support team to find out how we can accelerate your health and wellness goals!