Revitalise Yourself Routine

Revitalise Yourself Routine Workout Split

Day 1: Lower Heavy

Day 2: Upper Heavy

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Lower Body

Day 5: Chest Shoulders, Triceps

Day 6: Back and Biceps

Day 7: Rest


-This is about you working out at home without a trainer or much equipment apart from your 50kg set and yourself so communication is key! We are not right there with you so if there is a question on form, technique or what not please feel free to comment in our discussion board.

- We have supplied notes and a video link next to each movement if you are unsure how to perform the exercise for help.

-We encourage variety so at times we may give you a few options. Try to mix it up somewhat frequently, at least every 2 weeks or so.

-Rest time will differ. When choosing heavy you will require more rest in between sets 1-2 min whereas on higher reps sets 60-90 sec will do.

For advanced athletes:

-       The reps and sets listed below are ONLY your working sets. For your 1st movement, please take your time and perform 2-4 warm up sets or until you feel loose and ready. On all subsequent exercises perform 1 warm up set.

 -       Figuring out your “max”. There is no way for us to know what your MAX is so when we say to take 70% of your max, you need to gauge what you feel you can do that movement for 1 rep.

 -        Then take 70% of that weight for your working weight 

Day 1: Lower Heavy

  1. Select One Of the Following:

    Squat/Front Squat (Bring yourself to 90 degrees, go parallels but no further)

    Five Sets 6-10 Reps

    Tutorial: (squat)


  2. Select One Of The Following:

    Deadlift/Romanian Deadlift

    Four Sets 6-8 reps



  3. Exercise:

    Walking Lunges

    Do not allow your body to fall forward! Stay upright

    Distance of 100 yards

    Tutorial Video:


  4. Circuit Training:

    Do Not Stop Until Complete

    -Bicycle core exercise 20-25 reps

    Tutorial Video: http//

    -Reverse Crunch or V up flat on the ground 20 reps 

    Tutorial Video


    -Stick twist/ Dumbbell Russian twists 20 reps each side 

    The aim is to do these 4 ab movements in succession as a circuit. After you have completed all 4, take 30-45 seconds then repeat 2 more times. For advanced athletes complete each exercise to failure and move onto the next set.

Day 2: Upper Heavy

  1. Select One Of The Following:

    Flat Dumbbell Press/Incline or flat Barbell bench
    Six sets 3-4 reps 60-70% of you max bench

    (Aim to be keeping it slow on the way down and explode UP)


  2. Exercise:
    Diamond push ups
    Three sets of 10-15 reps

    Tutorial Video:

    After your final set we want you to do pushups to failure on your knees.


  3. Select One Of The Following:

    Bent over rows/single arm dumbbell

    Three sets 12-15 reps

    Tutorial Video:


  4. Select One Of The Following:

    Seated Dumbbell Press / Seated Arnold press.

    Five Sets 5-8 Reps



  5. Select One Of The Following

    Alternating Dumbbell curl/ Barbell curl

    Five Sets 5-8 Reps

    Full extension. 2-3 second count on the way down (GO SLOW on the negative downwards)

    After your final set lower the weight on the dumbbells or barbell (5-10kg) and do hammer curls to failure.


  6. Select One Of The Following

    Skull crushers/ Dips
    Five sets of 6-8 reps



  7. Standing Calve Raises (Slow deep stretch. We place the emphasis on the stretch more than anything here rather than the contraction)

    Four sets of 6-8 reps any surface where you are UPRIGHT, the stairs do the trick