Get To Know Us

MyHomeWorkout is Ireland’s leading gym equipment producer, supplier and retailer based in Ireland. Our modern and dynamic brand is supported by thousands of highly engaged customers in all thirty two counties. MyHomeWorkout was created with the sole purpose of helping people achieve their health and wellness goals using our own premium weight products and complimentary personal trainer services. We provide an efficient and honest service before, during and after your transaction. Our commitment to quality has always been at the forefront of everything that we do.


Our vision

From the first day that MyHomeWorkout opened for business we have always had a clear vision for the future. We strive to service and support each and every individual’s health and wellness goals by becoming a leading sporting goods multichannel retailer. As a new and exciting brand, we embrace the values of customer satisfaction, innovation, operational excellence and honesty to provide our customers satisfying products and services.


The MyHomeWorkout Mission

In order to achieve our vision we must always offer our customers a wide range of MyHomeWorkout branded products for weightlifting, mobility and wellness activities. Our contemporary and dynamic brand is unrivalled in the level of service we provide and the close relationships we build with our customers. We build these close relationships by attentively listening to the changing needs of our customers and keeping the highest level of services before, during and after your transaction.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the improvement of each and every person’s health and wellness by introducing a new found love for training in your own home, on your own terms and on your own time. When you work with us, you can count on personalized, one-on-one service every step of the way. We earn your trust by being responsive, intuitive and honest. We earn your respect with our exceptional customer service. Discover the difference it makes.


The Importance Of Honesty And Transparency 

The MyHomeWorkout brand is built upon a core foundation of honesty and transparency. We pride ourselves on our open communication and obsession with quality. We ensure all products and services associated with the MyHomeWorkout brand are in line with our values. We will never sell any product or service that we would never use in our own homes. We will never include any hidden charges on any product or service and we will never shy away from answering any concerns you may have. Our brand is your brand!