The Olympic Package
The Olympic Package
The Olympic Package
The Olympic Package
The Olympic Package
The Olympic Package

The Olympic Package

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Introducing Our Specially Designed Olympic Weightlifting Package! 
  • Perfect for Olympic weightlifting moves such as snatch and clean and jerk
  • Also ideal for crossfit style training
  • Durable set that’s built-to-last
  • Includes a set of drop pads to absorb sound and impact, as well as protect your floors and equipment
  • Includes 140kg of bumper plates for building strength, muscle and endurance
  • Ideal for compound lifts such as deadlifts, clean and press and the bear complex
  • Great for improving your functional fitness levels
  • Maximise training efficiency with colour coded weight plates - easy to identify for quick and easy weight changes
  • Competition weight plates feature a steel inner plate for added durability
  • Progression-focused package includes change plates for pushing past your one-rep max
  • M3 barbells are top of the range and can handle up to 680kg
  • Package contains:
    • 2 X 10kg Olympic bumper plates
    • 2 X 15kg Olympic bumper plates
    • 2 X 20kg Olympic bumper plates
    • 2 X 25kg Olympic bumper plates
    • Gen II 2" Olympic weight bar quick release collars

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