Hex Dumbbell Rack
Hex Dumbbell Rack
Hex Dumbbell Rack
Hex Dumbbell Rack
Hex Dumbbell Rack

Hex Dumbbell Rack

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Strength training is a great way to reduce body fat, whilst increasing lean muscle mass and burning calories.

That is why we recommend the MyHomeWorkout York Rubber Hex Dumbbells to your inventory. 

With our rubber coated design, the MyHomeWorkout Hex Dumbbells are undoubtedly the most dependable option for anybody at any level in their fitness journey or seasoned lifter.


Tough Rubber Coating 

We ensure that all of our Hex Dumbbells consist of heavy duty, rubber encased heads that give an excellent level of protection. As a result, no matter how hard you workout you will limit the wear and tear to the dumbbells making them highly durable and perfect for your everyday use.

Chrome Knurling 

One of the greatest features the MyHomeWorkout Hex Dumbbells is our chrome plated handle. This ergonomically crafted product will always result in an incredibly comfortable feel ensuring maximum pleasure in your workout  

This feature is also complimented by the unique shaping detail of the handles that will eliminate any slippage ensuring a firm hold during your intense workout.


Free premium stand worth €250












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