The Classic Squat Rack
The Classic Squat Rack
The Classic Squat Rack
The Classic Squat Rack
The Classic Squat Rack
The Classic Squat Rack
The Classic Squat Rack

The Classic Squat Rack

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The Power Rack designed by MyHomeWorkout is the ideal product for any home gym. Like all of our products, the MyHomeWorkout squat rack is easily assembled for your convenience by our expert team. By using this rack, you can unlock an extensive range of isolation and compound resistance exercises to power towards your goals.

Please Note: Only 7ft Olympic Bars Can Be Used With All Power Racks.


  • Strong and durable frame.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Comes with Narrow and Wide grip pull up bar options.
  • Comes with adjustable safety bars and two adjustable bar catches.
  • Built with biomechanics, ergonomics, durability, and safety in mind to help individuals achieve their goals.
  • The pull up bar come equipped with rubber grips to improve performance and grip.
  • Multiple holes are provided to ensure the spotter catchers and and safety bars can be set at a variety of heights to suit the individual.


2 cartons packing:
carton 1:208*30*12cm,GW 37kg
carton 2:114*43*17cm,GW25kg

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